The Grocery Eye - say cheese!The Grocery Eye – Say cheese!

With more than 700 named British cheeses produced in the UK alone the cheese category presents consumers with a vast array of choice. In 2013 own label sales rose on the back of low prices and promotions, whilst a move to temporary price reductions (rather than multi-buys) impacted on branded volume sales. In addition new [More]

Soft drinksThe Grocery Eye – Soft drinks

The soft drinks category is dominated by a number of leading brands; aided by the fact that for many of us we are creatures of habit, despite the ever widening variety of drinks on the market. The category is also dominated by the role of price, whilst low sugar and low in calorie is expected [More]

Rise-of-mobileThe Rise of Mobile – Driving insight on the go

Everyone is talking about mobile. As with all new techniques some think it is the only future, the way the new consumer connects with the internet; others simply resist, complaining that the range of functionality and length of interaction cannot match current methods. Here at SPA Future Thinking we take the view of most pragmatic [More]

Some-like-it-hotThe Grocery Eye: Hot beverages

When it comes to our hot drinks preferences it seems we are creatures of habit. Whether buying breakfast tea, instant coffee or a fruity infusion The Grocery Eye shows that hot beverage consumers like what they know; but can they be tempted by a new flavour, a promotional offer or premium quality? The Grocery Eye [More]

Snack-attackThe Grocery Eye: Crisps and savoury snacks

The crisps and savoury snacks category is seen as a popular and innovative category to shop; and with shelves stacked high with a vast array of tempting treats, we’re helpless to resist this ever innovating category. It also presents a very competitive category, owing to cost increases and price promotions both within and across bag [More]

Brand-trackingBrandBox – A unique perspective on brand and comms tracking

Here at SPA Future Thinking we recently launched BrandBox a new and innovative approach to brand tracking. It’s designed to understand brand equity and is a transparent, flexible and robust tool that allows clients to customise the solution to best fit their needs. Crucially it identifies the key drivers of brand equity providing clear strategic [More]