Consumer-Lifestyle-DrinksUnderstanding consumer motivation, attitudes and behaviour in the drinks market

With increasing competition in the declining market, it is ever important for drinks companies to understand consumer motivation, attitudes and behaviour; in order to develop successful products that fit with the lifestyle of their target consumer. At SPA Future Thinking we have a suite of research techniques that delves deeper into the day to day [More]

Brand-trackingBrandBox – A unique perspective on brand and comms tracking

In Spring 2014 we launched BrandBox a new and innovative approach to brand tracking. It includes the adoption of behavioural economics and emotional techniques to help track your brands’ performance in-markets; and is a transparent, flexible and robust tool that allows clients to customise the solution to best fit their needs. We created BrandBox to [More]

Connected consumerUnderstanding the path to purchase for the connected consumer

The march of all things digital is creating an increasingly dynamic path to purchase. What was once a linear journey, where a simple call to action was enough to ensure consumer buy-in and purchase; is now a complex web of advertising, communications and special offers, delivered directly to the connected consumer. Today’s shoppers are enticed [More]

CO2-videoCampaign Optimiser 2.0 – The interactive way to evaluate and maximise effectiveness of future multiplatform campaigns

Measuring, evaluating and predicting advertising campaign effectiveness is increasingly complex as media usage fragments. In a multiplatform world, consumers are now bombarded with brand messages across all forms of media; from TV spots and sponsorship, to mobile, social media and online. Here at SPA Future Thinking we help brands identify and understand how different media [More]

promiscuous-shopper-2The Shopper Barometer 2015 – The opportunity to have your say

Earlier this year, we launched the latest Shopper Barometer which examined the current view of the world through the shopper lens, as well as future trends and emerging channels to be aware of. The results, featured in The Promiscuous Shopper, show how shoppers are now actively spreading their purse into a wider mix of stores [More]

media-modern-worldThe Services Benchmarking Study – Identifying KPI’s for the Media Industry

We recently launched the Services Benchmarking Study, designed to help brand owners understand how their organisations rate across a variety of metrics; including overall customer satisfaction, NPS and Customer Effort. Our study also focused on benchmarking the media industry, providing an overview of satisfaction across TV/film subscriptions, mobile, broadband/internet and home telephone. When it comes [More]