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Accurately measure the impact of product placement on TV.

Place Max is used by broadcasters and media agencies to maintain an understanding of the effect of product placement on your brand and provides clear guidance for future placement strategies.

Place Max uses an online test and control methodology to sample demographically matched samples of viewers and non-viewers of a programme. It understands the fit/ congruity of product and show, evaluates the creative format/execution and assesses the
impact on the brand.

It also includes an implicit response test which shows the strength of intuitive associations with a brand by measuring speed of response to key brand metrics and thus the full impact of product placement on brand affinity and other key measures.

Client benefit/deliverables:

  • Ability to identify the impact of product placement on key brand metrics – awareness, image, purchase intent
  • Understand the perceived fit and appropriateness of the creative format
  • Identify the impact on brand, including awareness, affinity and loyalty
  • Understand the impact of product placement on regular viewers of the programme

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