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A commercially focused approach to broadcast sponsorship optimisation.

TV Sponsorship Index is a broadcast sponsorship optimisation solution which capitalises on our expertise in researching both tactical and strategic campaigns.

Our approach is tailored to reflect specific campaign objectives, but to also include the diagnostic measures we know are important to sponsorship cut-through and efficacy. Our norms database includes over 600 case studies and can be cut by sponsor or programme category as well as length of deal, ensuring we can compare a campaign to the most relevant benchmarks.

Client benefit/deliverables:

  • Clarity on where sponsorship is performing well or badly
  • Which key brand measures the campaign is driving
  • Whether the category and channel allow the brand to perform to maximum effect
  • Detailed information on the key themes relevant to each specific campaign

Industry Expertise

Financial Services
Health and Personal Care
Playground – Kids & Family
Public Sector
Technology and Telecoms

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