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In recent years higher education has become an increasingly competitive sector and putting the student voice at the very heart of our clients decision making process has never been more important.Education

Our education clients, range from public schools through to all aspects of university life, from student unions through to alumni departments, new universities to Russell group institutions.

We advise clients on a wide range of remits from applicant (including acceptors and decliners), pricing, admission, reputation, staff, student satisfaction and alumni studies.


We were one of the key innovators in conducting pricing research when variable tuition fees were originally introduced in 2006. With the rise in price caps in 2012 we once again  have been at the forefront of universities pricing research strategies.

In addition other factors are critical in attracting applicants to your institution; from wowing students at open days and providing courses that stand out, to selecting the key selling points of employability.


Our innovative Applicant X programme helps universities take a full 360 degree view of how to attract and convert students, delivering growth in the number and quality of students.

EducationThe University of Sheffield has worked with SPA Future Thinking and their previous incarnation, The Oxford Research Agency, for a number of years. We have always been impressed with their professionalism, eye for detail and their ability to deliver exactly what we are looking for. We would recommend their services to other universities looking to navigate these interesting times.

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