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Organisations with highly engaged employees have highly satisfied customers; and our aim is to help our clients understand, monitor and improve employee engagement.

Customers’ perceptions of service quality are often driven by engagement with staff and the most loyal customers are those who are the most satisfied. It is, therefore, important to realise the value of your employees and the role they play in developing your brand’s image.

Engaged EmployeesTo have a truly successful brand reflecting high levels of customer service, staff must believe in the company’s values and strategies and have the training and necessary tools to contribute to a highly positive customer experience. Staff dissatisfaction and a lack of engagement caused by poor facilities, communication, processes and procedures, training or leadership will impact on your organisation.

We work with our clients to design employee feedback systems which measure levels of satisfaction and engagement across all aspects of the organisation providing a long term strategy which identifies and prioritises where action needs to take place.

Some examples of our recent work include:

  • An annual satisfaction and engagement survey with national security organisation employees.
  • A regular employee survey with a leading manufacturer to highlight where action is recommended to provide the basis for enhanced employee engagement and to ensure resources are correctly targeted.
  • Measuring candidate and graduate experience (pre-employee) as well as joiners and leavers for a large banking corporation.

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