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A faster, more flexible and cost effective way to conduct face to face surveys.

Live Voice is our technology driven solution for conducting face to face surveys. It uses web enabled Android Smartphones or tablets to conduct exit interviews for real time survey results.

A respondent is taken through an electronic survey by one of our interviewers using a touchscreen Smartphone. We use O2 and EE, the strongest 3G networks, to maximise the coverage available in stores. Where a 3G connection cannot be found (<5%) data is collected by a bespoke app and automatically transferred as soon as the handset receives network coverage.

Client benefit/deliverables:

  • Immediacy of data through real-time delivery
  • Air of modernity and flexibility it delivers the client
  • Can increase customer perceptions of staff by up to 10%
  • Provides the potential to significantly improve customer satisfaction
  • Has the ability to drive sales by up to 20%
  • All the while ensuring sales, margins and operating profits are maintained

Industry Expertise

Financial Services
Health and Personal Care
Playground – Kids & Family
Public Sector
Technology and Telecoms

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