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Be-There™ is our innovative mobile ethnography tool enabling us to capture rich moment-of-truth experiences directly as they happen.

Be-ThereA mobile qualitative approach, which allows us to get closer to consumer behaviour, participants download the Be-There™ app to their mobile phone and complete a series of tasks, recording their actions, thoughts and motivations.

Multimedia content is created using video, photo, text and audio-notes all of which are mapped by GPS to the exact location they were recorded. A purpose-built online platform gives immediate access to content, allowing behaviour to be probed ‘live’. It also includes sophisticated analysis tools to generate powerful insights from large volumes of data.

Client benefit/deliverables:

  • Powerful standalone methodology that removes any researcher bias
  • Un-intrusive approach that allows cost effective observation of behaviour
  • Deliverables include an engaging multimedia visual landscape of your consumers world

Industry Expertise

Financial Services
Health and Personal Care
Playground – Kids & Family
Public Sector
Technology and Telecoms

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