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We work on behalf of an array of public sector organisations, including government departments, local authorities, police forces, national public bodies, charities, national lottery funded organisations and industry regulators.

Conducting research across the public sector has become increasingly important in order to understand how services can be delivered most effectively within tight budget constraints.

Public SectorGovernment & local authority: We work closely with clients to improve service provision by ensuring they engage with the public (including hard-to-reach and vulnerable audiences), achieve buy-in from internal and external stakeholders and achieve actionable targeted insight from their research.  Research programmes have to be efficient and where appropriate utilise new technologies and methods to be as cost effective as possible, however we are always mindful that findings need to be statistically robust and representative so that they can inform and be measured against policy development.

Our experience includes budget consultation projects for local authorities, to conducting a wide range of projects for HMRC, Department for Work and Pensions, Office of Fair Trading, Ofgem and the Money Advice Service amongst many others.

Charities: We help a number of leading charities understand a wide range of business critical decision making issues. Our clients include Cancer Research UK, Comic Relief and Time to Change.

Our work includes:

  • Research to understand and inform fundraising strategy, current engagement with awareness programmes and their impact on public knowledge;
  • Attitudes and behaviours through to campaign evaluation;
  • Gauging current attitudes towards policy to feed in to strategic development and maximise efficiencies.

Public SectorRegulators, public bodies and consumer groups: The challenges facing regulators and many public bodies are to validate services against regulatory requirements. It is much more than checking whether markets are operating fairly and suppliers are competing. Customers must be faced with clear choices, be able to get good deals and experience fair treatment.

We work with a range of regulatory organisations, consumer groups and public bodies delivering an in-depth understanding of their market and their customers. This ensures that when they intervene in markets or present themselves as speaking for the customer they do from a strong evidence base.

Our experience includes annual tracking surveys, research into public attitudes to different price increases, views on enforcement fines and restorative justice, preferences and requirements of different consumer segments, measuring the impact of initiatives to enhance customer loyalty as well as advertising and brand tracking.

Public Sector

Police and enforcement: We have worked with Police, Fire and Rescue and policy makers in the enforcement area for many years.

Police forces are bound to a Quality of Services Commitment which documents the standards of service a member of the public should receive when they contact the police. APACS User Satisfaction is a key element of assessing the implementation of the Quality of Services Commitment.

We have worked with over a quarter of the UK’s forces on a wide range of tracker and ad-hoc research projects including user satisfaction surveys (victims of crime), confidence surveys, financial crime research, employee & resident surveys, to public order research in real time through social media  and understanding influences of public confidence.

We also undertake thousands of interviews each month to monitor confidence and attitudes towards anti-social behaviour, safety and security.

In support of policy development, we have conducted early stage reviews of the Fire Safety Order for the Department for Communities and Local Government and provided strategic input around retained duty system fire fighters.

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