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The world of retail is ever changing and evolving, becoming increasingly more complex and competitive. We provide an extensive understanding of the retail environment for both retailers and manufacturers to evaluate shopper motivation, behaviour and customer experience across many different channels and categories.

RetailUnderstanding your consumer and shopper (and the role of staff) is vital to maintain a competitive advantage in the retail sector. We work alongside some of the world’s largest retailers and manufacturers including Asda, Boots, Dixons, McDonalds, Coca Cola, GSK, Mars and Unilever.

There are two strands to retail research:

Shopper Research: Evaluating every step of the purchase process. By understanding your shopper, you can identify the Key Performance Indicators that should drive your prioritisations and investment.  Key to understanding this relationship is the role that staff play, through the interaction and experience they provide.

Consumer Research: Examines all the other aspects that comprise the relationship between a consumer and a brand. By understanding your consumer you will understand what’s ‘missing’ from their experience of your brand.


Recent examples of our work include:

  • Identifying the path to purchase: From initial exploratory stages focusing on what research consumers do and where they go for information, through to behaviour in store
  • Customer profiling: Providing a segmentation of customers to understand who visits, when and why
  • Understanding the store environment: Identifying how shoppers move and interact around stores and how best to lay out the environment
  • Identifying improvements to store range: Understanding how store ranges meet shoppers needs and how it can be improved
  • Meeting customer needs: Establishing an understanding of need states of customers to identify where their needs are met or not met
  • The role of your brand: Identifying where and how the brand fits into customers’ lives
  • Understanding the role of advertising: Examining how customers engage with a brands advertising and how it influences their purchasing habits

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