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As technology and telecoms consumer behaviour and connectedness has shifted, so we have kept one step ahead to engage with emerging trends and identify the key insights that help our clients stay connected with their audiences.

Our technology and telecoms expertise extends from an in depth understanding of traditional media into the wider digital environment. From online communications and e-commerce through to user generated content and online broadcast media.

Technology and telecomsWe have conducted projects across a wide range of sectors and have expert knowledge of the key platforms and devices that can be used to access content or communicate.

Recent examples of our work includes:

  • Pan European study of media consumption habits, particularly looking at the use of the internet for content, communication and commerce.
  • Online grocery shopper study, including the identification of drivers and barriers, generating an understanding of the online shopper mind-set.
  • A study to assess the user experience of a telecoms website homepage and provide guidance on how to optimise content, design and user experience.
  • Segmentation of mobile internet market in order to assess the behaviour, attitudes and needs of the UK audience.
  • A study to segment the online video market to help our client develop and market their proposed online video.

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