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Our understanding of the transport sector and particularly customer needs and expectations allows us to put findings into context from individual ad-hoc research projects to large scale continuous surveys.


We act as the voice of the customer within some of the largest and most pro-active transport providers in the UK. Working across almost every mode and with policy makers our experience is diverse and extensive.

Results from our innovative consultation programmes can be seen in our clients achieving some of the highest increases in satisfaction ever monitored as part of the National Passenger Survey and indexing above average for the type of provider they are.

Each month we talk to thousands of public transport customers covering a range of issues from personal security and crime to innovative infrastructure, staff training initiatives and ticketing.

As well as working for several TOCs and operators across the country, we are the main provider of ad-hoc research for Transport for London.

Recent examples of our work include:

  • Customer Satisfaction Monitors for Train Operating Companies examining passengers’ attitudes and trends within satisfaction, as well as predicting National Passenger Survey performance.
  • Supporting franchise bidding of rail companies, helping to prioritise improvements that will generate the greatest revenue and customer satisfaction impact.
  • Determining the impact of infrastructure changes around the Olympic and Paralympic Games and the introduction of the Emirates Air Line cable car service across the Thames.
  • Bus user research ranging from work for Passenger Focus looking at the impact of Bus Service Cuts to understanding the impact of timetable changes, communication of new services and livery changes.
  • Examining issues surrounding the impact of ticket complexity, including the most widespread study into the actual impact on passengers of this complexity for Office of Rail Regulation.

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