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With consumers finding it easier to switch utilities provider, retaining and attracting new customers has become vitally important. Our research techniques provide insight to customer, stakeholder and employee relationships and provide an understanding of what drives customer loyalty and switching behaviour.

UtilitiesBy applying effective research techniques, insightful feedback can be applied to validate utilities services against regulatory requirements. In the water and gas sectors, event based measures and accuracy of data are critical reporting criteria. Net promoter and zones of customer tolerance are key measures, supporting understanding of the service levels that are acceptable to customers and what maintains customer loyalty.

Our products and services have evolved to support utilities organisations and improve their understanding of stakeholder requirements.

UtilitiesWe deliver effective research outputs assisting our customers to develop processes supporting customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, understanding customer touch points, service promise and key drivers of satisfaction.

Recent studies include:

  • Measuring and tracking overall customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy
  • Reviewing customer segmentation versus internal structures
  • Understanding employee views on customer management
  • Identifying and measuring customers’ expectations of service delivery
  • Tracking customers’ key requirements and their relative importance

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