Essential Research launches major new media technology study


Market research consultancy Essential Research, part of SPA Future Thinking, has launched The Essential Eye, a continuous tracking study which explores how and why audiences use new media technologies.

The research is based on 1,000 interviews a month with a representative sample of adults aged over 16.

Unlike other tracking studies, it is designed to show how content – from video to publishing to social media – is consumed across devices, and how different screens are used in tandem. The study is also designed to paint a clear, comprehensive picture of a given target audience: what they have, how they use it, what they think is aspirational – and what is over-hyped.

The Essential Eye, which is available as a quarterly snapshot or annual subscription, is the first such study to be launched by Essential Research since it was acquired by market research group SPA Future Thinking in September last year.

Stuart Knapman, Senior Director at Essential Research, said: “The Essential Eye has been a huge undertaking for us. It delivers considerable insights into a very fast-moving sector. The Eye is already helping to evolve and challenge our own view of the media & technology landscape.

“Our focus on media, communications and technology and our client-side experience have helped us create a very different kind of technology tracker, built to help media owners, advertisers and technology providers to separate myth from reality.”

To out more about the Essential Eye please contact Stuart Knapman or Malia Milligan by clicking on these links, or telephoning 020 7384 1297 or click on the link: