Future Thinking France talk to Marketing Magazine

Be-There in France

Stéphane Marder and Adeline Baret at Future Thinking France talk to France’s Marketing Magazine regrading mobile research. They focus on our new mobile ethnography suite of tools, Be-There and See-Me.

Be-There, is our new mobile ethnographic methodology, providinga cost effective alternative to ethnography or face-to-face interviews. As a free-to-use app that pre-recruited respondents use to micro blog about their experiences using video, audio, photos and text, Be-There enables us to access ‘out-of-hours’ and infrequent behaviours over longitudinal time periods, which means we can build and share stories like never before.

To read more and for those of you who can read French please go to: http://www.e-marketing.fr/Marketing-Magazine/Article/Etudes-on-line-les-instituts-se-mettent-au-mobile-44053-1.htm