Identifying opportunities for women in the drinks market

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Drinks companies are increasingly turning their attention to innovating products that target the female consumer.

There is a need to understand the emotional reasons women drink certain types of beers, wines or spirits and there are a number of different routes and decisions to be made when innovating products aimed at a female audience.

  • Should you introduce an overtly female beer or will this alienate the existing female beer drinkers?
  • Should you introduce fruity style beers
  • Could a rosé style beer capitalise on the growth and interest in Rosé wine?
  • Would a low ABV wine appeal to a female audience?
  • Would a low calorie wine or low abv beer have particular appeal to the female audience?
  • Could a smaller bottle or glass size/shape or new packaging stimulate interest in a brand?
  • Can meal occasions create an opportunity?

Here at SPA Future Thinking we can help you answer these questions by evaluating your ideas using our Concept Potential methodology which evaluates each of the ideas on a range of attributes including uniqueness, relevance, usage occasions, brand fit, appeal of pack, purchase intent, source of business as well as suitability in the on and off trade. By comparing with in market products and our extensive drinks database norms we can recommend which ideas to progress based upon the appeal and potential amongst the wider female audience.     

For more information and to learn about what other research solutions we offer to the drinks industry please call or email, Andrew Tharme, Managing Director, on +44(0)1865 336 491 or +44(0)7970 962091.

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