Importing product ideas into the UK

In the UK we have seen the introduction of numerous interesting and innovative drinks from around the world. For example, we now have an established World Beer category within the off trade in an area that was traditionally very domesticated; and in the on-trade environment this area is now worth over £1.5bn having grown 17% in the past 12 months. 

Successfully introducing the next new drink of choice is never easy. Who’s to say it won’t be Cachaça from Brazil, the ninth-largest global spirits category and with Brazil set to host both the Football World Cup in 2014 and the Summer Olympics in Rio in 2016 it could be the next big thing.

There are a number of different decisions to be made for drinks companies when looking to introduce new product ideas from around the world into the UK.

  • Which of the ideas have broadest appeal?
  • Are there any product ideas that are particularly interesting to certain demographic groups?
  • In what ways does a product idea need to be improved for the UK market?
    • The name
    • The packaging
    • The taste perceptions it will have
    • The communication around the proposition
    • Who are the main competitors?
    • Does it command a premium price point?
    • What will be the frequency of purchase? 

Here at SPA Future Thinking we can help you answer these questions by evaluating your ideas using our ConceptPotential methodology which evaluates each of the ideas on a range of attributes including uniqueness, relevance, usage occasions, brand fit, appeal of pack, purchase intent, source of business as well as suitability in on and off trade.

By comparing findings with in market products and against our extensive drinks norms database we can recommend which ideas to progress based upon the appeal and potential amongst a wider and target audience.

It’s also important to determine how best to approach consumers. We have identified a group of consumers we call ‘taste setters’ – people who are always the first to try new products, recommend these products to friends and family and have large social networks through which they influence others. These people, who account for around a fifth (20%) of drinks buyers, are 2.6 times more likely to buy new products than other grocery shoppers. They help make up the minds of the nation when it comes to new tastes and are key to the success of any new product idea.

For more information on how we can you evaluate your latest ideas, please call or email, Andrew Tharme, Managing Director, on +44(0)1865 336 491 or +44(0)7970 962091.