SPA Future Thinking to present alongside Sony at the IGD Category Management & Shopper Marketing conference

IGD Shopper Conference 2012

SPA Future Thinking is proud to be presenting alongside Sony UK at this month’s IGD Category Management & Shopper Marketing conference.

The shopper event of the year takes place on the 25th & 26th September where Will Ullstein is speaking alongside Mark Gurney, Strategy & Intelligence Manager at Sony UK on Influencing the Shopper Decision and Converting the Potential Purchaser in Toughening Economic Conditions.

A brief synopsis is detailed below:

Selling higher ticket items is becoming increasingly challenging and retailers and brands are having to work harder to influence the shopper decision and convert the potential purchaser in toughening economic conditions. Alongside Sony we will share the journey they have been on over the past 18 months highlighting the internal and external challenges faced in convincing the business to take a fresh look at the shopper journey, and highlight the opportunities that exist to develop new strategies to entice shoppers to buy consumer electronics.

We will demonstrate the benefits of obtaining a holistic shopper and consumer understanding:

  • Debunking some of the myths of multichannel that are scaring the High Street today
  • Developing Category leadership by identifying the competitive opportunity for the retail partner
  • How to equip the sales team with the Shopper knowledge required to benefit their business partners and the categories within which they operate
  • Selling premium products and increasing value in a tough climate.

For more information please contact Will Ullstein, Group Business Development Director on +44(0)20 7843 9777 or email him at: