The importance of glassware in communicating brand image


Glassware forms an important part of communicating brand image and perceptions particularly when moving the brand towards a new position. It is now integral to any drinking experience in a bar or restaurant environment as glassware is increasingly designed to reflect the style and personality of the brand. Additionally, creating glassware for promotional activity in store provides a further opportunity to extend and strengthen the brand relationship into the home environment.

At SPA Future Thinking we have developed an online testing programme that evaluates new glass designs and recommends which designs to take forward and where improvements can be made.

By using our bespoke 3D rotating tool we can show glassware from all angles when empty and/or full. This enables us to pinpoint particular aspects of the shape and design that drives appeal.

Through comparing proposed designs with current glassware we can then measure likes and dislikes, brand image, perceptions, usability and effect on purchase.

To see a demo of our 3D rotating tool and for more information on how we can help you understand the benefits of glassware please call, or email, Andrew Tharme, Managing Director, on +44(0)1865 336 491 or +44(0)7970 962091.