taste-setters-connectors Identifying the key influencers for your FMCG brand

How do you understand your brand’s performance in terms of consumer awareness, association and equity? Brand tracking plays an essential part in measuring the strength and engagement with your brand and is fundamental to the creation of a strategy to influence consumers and track performance over time. Understanding the core audience of influencers in the […][More]

promiscuous-shopper-2 The Shopper Barometer 2014: The Promiscuous Shopper

Shopper behaviour has evolved in recent years as we have seen the economy move through recession and into recovery. Understanding changing behaviours is crucial to the success of your brand. The Shopper Barometer 2014 has examined shopping habits to identify their perceptions towards shopping and the high street. The results show how Shoppers are now […][More]

Assorted Beers Craft Beers – How to optimise the opportunity

Craft Beers have been one of the few growth areas in the world of beer over the last few years. The double digit growth in the USA where the category originated in its definition is now being taken on board around the world, with the opportunity to invigorate the market and introduce premium brands. The […][More]

cans-pardot Research technology breaks new ground in packaging research

Packaging research with consumers has increasingly moved online in recent years, particularly for speed and cost reasons. Recent advances in purchase behaviour simulation and CGI visualisation mean that there are now even more benefits of applying technology within packaging research. Here at SPA Future Thinking we have integrated technology in packaging research to provide the […][More]

Food Labelling Guidelines New front-of-pack food labelling guidelines – what does it mean for your packaging?

The latest Government announcements detail plans to implement new food labelling guidelines in 2013 to increase consistency of content and presentation. Whilst exact designs for labels are still to be confirmed it will mean a change from the labelling that companies have been using, to one that introduces conformity across category and potentially will play […][More]

200464106-001 The importance of claims validation and your brand

Making claims about your product provides a strategic route to driving brand value and sales. Providing credible and clear benefits of your products is vital. Claims can be used for grabbing attention on shelf, providing a key USP, influencing purchase and re-enforcing loyalty. [More]