Sponsorship Sponsorship – How to ensure it works best for your brand

As sponsorship becomes more and more prevalent and consumers become more and more savvy to its purposes - getting it right is increasingly important. Get it wrong and you can expect a torrent of abuse on Twitter and other social media. So can the wrong sponsorship actually do more harm than good? [More]

Aunt Bessie’s joins ITV Yorkshire-themed ad break

Frozen food company Aunt Bessie's is to run an ad for its Yorkshire puddings in a special ad break in 'Emmerdale' tonight put together by ITV to celebrate 'Yorkshire Day'.[More]

Channel 4 News launches app across Apple devices

Channel 4 News has kick-started is mobile strategy with the launch a free app across iPhone, iPad and iTouch devices.[More]

Barb to measure web TV viewing

Barb is to start measuring TV viewing on PCs, laptops and tablet computers this year, following the introduction of a web TV-viewing meter to UK households.[More]