Maximise sales and brand value Maximising sales and brand value through new packaging research techniques

Packaging is increasingly becoming a key differentiator, brand enhancer and sales driver. Choosing the best consumer research approach for packaging is therefore essential. At SPA Future Thinking we have a suite of research solutions that we use to maximise the sales and brand equity from packaging. [More]

Heinz Tomato Sauce Functionality in Packaging – playing on your emotions:

Emotions play a key role in packaging. Understanding these emotions can be the difference to a products success or failure.[More]

Packaging gets emotional image 92242385 brain Packaging gets emotional!

Neuroscience meets simulated shopping and sales forecasting[More]

Heinz launches limited edition label

Heinz has announced a new limited-edition label for its Heinz Beanz, reminding consumers that its baked beans provide ‘1 of your 5 a day’. The new-look design will be on packs from mid-September and will run across Heinz Beanz 415g tins, Heinz Beanz Snap Pots and Heinz Beanz multipacks. [More]

Female Shopper Browsing Adestra Packaging – caught between a rock and a shelf space – the trials of packaging in today’s market

Packaging is becoming the most important and at the same time the most beleaguered part of NPD. [More]