Connected consumer Understanding the path to purchase for the connected consumer

The march of all things digital is creating an increasingly dynamic path to purchase. What was once a linear journey, where a simple call to action was enough to ensure consumer buy-in and purchase; is now a complex web of advertising, communications and special offers, delivered directly to the connected consumer. Today’s shoppers are enticed […][More]

promiscuous-shopper-2 The Shopper Barometer 2015 – The opportunity to have your say

Earlier this year, we launched the latest Shopper Barometer which examined the current view of the world through the shopper lens, as well as future trends and emerging channels to be aware of. The results, featured in The Promiscuous Shopper, show how shoppers are now actively spreading their purse into a wider mix of stores […][More]

promiscuous-shopper-2 The Shopper Barometer 2014: The Promiscuous Shopper

Shopper behaviour has evolved in recent years as we have seen the economy move through recession and into recovery. Understanding changing behaviours is crucial to the success of your brand. The Shopper Barometer 2014 has examined shopping habits to identify their perceptions towards shopping and the high street. The results show how Shoppers are now […][More]

News-food-to-go Understanding the Reformed Shopper – Food to Go

Our recent Shopper Barometer study identified the current view of the world through the shopper lens, as well as additional future trends and emerging channels to be aware of. Alongside the many spending cuts highlighted in our main study, a focus on attitudes to Food to Go highlights that choices have also come under scrutiny […][More]

IGD Shopper Conference 2012 SPA Future Thinking to present alongside Sony at the IGD Category Management & Shopper Marketing conference

SPA Future Thinking is proud to be presenting alongside Sony at this month’s IGD Category Management & Shopper Marketing conference.[More]

SPA Future Thinking presenting at the Own Label Show

SPA Future Thinking will be presenting at this week's Own Label Show which is being held at Hotel IBIS, Earls Court, London on Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th November 2011.[More]