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the hub

The Hub

The Hub is our social media network. It’s designed to get all the teams across the business to generate, communicate and share ideas. It’s about collaborating knowledge. The Hub is state of the art and unique to SPA Future Thinking within the research industry.

We created the Hub environment to build wisdom and insight from data, whether this is a latest case study, white paper or simply an article found on the internet. It provides us with the ability to take un-structured and un-connected data and give it value through structure.

We are always interested in opening this up to our clients and a wider external audience to encourage the generation of ideas. If you would like to discuss connecting to the Hub we would be delighted to hear from you.

The Hub is led by Paul Roberts – Group Digital Director:

Paul RobertsPaul overseas all of the research offers to ensure that we position our offer around the technology-enabled solutions that our clients are increasingly seeking. He is responsible for the development and evolution of Analytics and The Analytics hub, Research Technologies and our innovation group  Quantum Lab. Prior to working here Paul was Managing Director – Customer and Employee Experience at Brainjuicer.

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